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Everything Needed To Address The Autoimmune Component and Get on The Right Path To Recovery! 

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Limited Offer - Book While Available: : Have one of Dr. Eric's certified health coaches help you detect any food triggers and help you address other important lifestyle factors (i.e. stress, sleep) for just a one-time upgrade fee of $50.

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The Q and A sessions were awesome, and I think I was able to find my root causes

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Dr. Eric was so generous with his time and would always go overboard

I learned more from this event than 16 professionals and 28 books

It's been extremely informative for my Hashimoto's condition! 

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Very good value for your money!

It's the best thing I've done for 
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This is the first time in my life where I understand exactly what I need to do to restore my health

How To Overcome Graves' Disease & Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Graves' disease and Hashimoto's are autoimmune conditions that affect the thyroid gland, yet most medical doctors don't do anything to address the autoimmune component.

While many people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis are told to take thyroid hormone replacement, those with Graves' disease are usually given one of three treatment options by their endocrinologist:

Option #1: Take antithyroid medication for 1 or 2 years and pray that they will go into remission.

Option #2: Obliterate the thyroid gland through radioactive iodine.

Option #3: Surgically remove the thyroid gland.

While conventional medical treatment is sometimes necessary for both Graves' disease and Hashimoto's, it's crazy that most doctors don't do anything to address the cause of the problem.

I personally dealt with Graves' disease, and while the endocrinologist I saw didn't pressure me to receive radioactive iodine (she did give me a prescription for Methimazole), she also didn't do anything to find or address the underlying cause.

The good news is that it is possible to reverse the autoimmune component and get your health back. After being diagnosed with Graves' disease in the fall of 2008, I was able to restore my health and avoid radioactive iodine, and I've been in remission since 2009. Since then I've helped many people with Graves' disease and Hashimoto's restore their health as well.

My team and I are going to personally help YOU get on the road to recovery during our 14-Day Overcoming Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Bootcamp (starts January 9th!):

The 14-day bootcamp will include the following...

Component #1: Daily Overcoming Graves' & Hashimoto's Video Lesson

During this daily 20-45 minute recorded lesson I will focus on a different topic that is essential to overcoming your autoimmune thyroid condition. There will be one lesson every day for 14 consecutive days (although one of the lessons includes multiple videos). If you're interested in the specific topics that will be presented please check out the video below where I discuss the 14-day bootcamp calendar.  

Component #2: Daily (M-F) 30-45 minute live group coaching session

The live group coaching calls will take place on Zoom, which is very easy to use on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. And if you are unable to attend live you'll have the opportunity to email your questions during the separate Q & A sessions (discussed below).  For those who choose to join live, the way it works is that I'll send you a link to join the call, and if you are using a mobile phone or tablet you'll need to install the free app. I will record every coaching session and post the recordings in a private membership area for those who are unable to attend live.  As for the time of the coaching sessions, I will rotate them to accommodate those in different time zones.  Most calls will take place either 12pm or 8pm Eastern time (New York time zone). 

Component #3: Recording of each coaching call for those 
who are unable to attend live

I already mentioned this, and of course I hope most people will be able to attend at least 2 or 3 live sessions per week, although I'll add that with my previous longer events I had some participants who didn't attend the live calls, but simply watched the recordings and emailed their questions prior to the Q & A calls (discussed below).

Component #4: Daily priority action step

I want people to take action, but I want the action steps to be attainable, which is why there will be a single priority action step each day, although at times there will be one or two additional action steps that aren't as urgent.  

Component #5: Access to a private members-only group

We want you to build relationships with one another and enjoy this bootcamp together. That being said, this definitely isn't required in order to benefit from the bootcamp, as you will still gain a lot of value if you simply watch the daily lessons, as well as take advantage of some of the live coaching calls and Q & A sessions.  The private group will be on Facebook.  I realize not everyone is on Facebook, but in the past I did give the option of joining a non-Facebook group and the engagement was very low.  In past events we have had people set up a temporary Facebook profile in order to take advantage of this benefit, but once again, if you choose not to participate you still will greatly benefit from the other components.  I’ll pop in the Facebook group every now and then, but I plan on having my health coaches moderate the group. 

Component #6: Weekly 90 minute live Q & A session

Although I’ll be answering some questions during the daily coaching calls, these will only be around 30-45 minutes, and I will be focusing on answering live questions.  But there will also be two separate live Q & A sessions (one per week) during the 14-day bootcamp hosted by yours truly.  These will be at least 90 minutes long, although in in past events it's common for me to exceed two hours with each of the Q & A sessions, as my goal is to answer ALL questions! I'll once again rotate the day and times to accommodate those in different time zones.  However, unlike the daily coaching calls, if you are unable to attend any of the Q & A sessions live you can email your questions ahead of time.

You Get All of This For A Single Payment of $79

If you watch the video on top of this page you'll see dozens of people rave about some of the previous events I've had, and I think it's safe to say that every single one of them easily got back their investment.  So once again, to join this bootcamp it will only require a single payment of $79.

OPTIONAL: 45-minute one-on-one "Find My Food Triggers" diet and lifestyle call with a certified health coach

Both of my health coaches are excellent, and I thought it was important to include an option for affordable one-on-one support, although I’m confident the daily group coaching calls will be sufficient for many people. You have the option of doing this over the phone or through Skype/Zoom. If you listen to some of the video testimonials on this page from members of the past events you'll hear some rave reviews about the diet and lifestyle call! And so if it's in your budget I'd highly recommend taking advantage of it for the discounted rate of $50. But if not you still will receive a lot of value from the rest of the bootcamp. 


BONUS: Get Access to Our Overcoming Thyroid Autoimmunity 
Pre-training Videos: ($97 Value). You will get immediate access to these pre-training videos upon signing up for the 14-day bootcamp.  The topics are discussed in the calendar overview video.

Dr. Eric Osansky is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and a certified functional medicine practitioner who helps people recover from thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions. He is author of the books "Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyroidism and Graves' Disease" and Hashimoto's Triggers.  Dr. Osansky was personally diagnosed in 2008 with the autoimmune thyroid condition Graves’ disease, and after taking a natural treatment approach has been in remission since 2009.  After seeing how well natural treatment methods helped with his autoimmune thyroid condition, he began using these natural thyroid treatment protocols to help others with different types of thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions, including Graves’ Disease, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

Day Money Back Guarantee
Check out the 14-day bootcamp for an entire week (starting on  1/9/2023), and if you aren’t thrilled with everything you can get a prompt refund with no questions asked by sending an email to info@naturalendocrinesolutions.com 

The Bootcamp Starts on Monday 1/9/2023

You might wonder if I plan on doing this 14-day overcoming Graves' disease and Hashimoto's bootcamp again in the future. While I did multiple 5-day challenges in 2022, this is the first longer event I've done since the fall of 2021.  So if you're truly interested please don't let this opportunity pass you by.  

Here’s A Recap Of...
Everything You'll Get

When You Enroll in the 14-Day Bootcamp!

  • ​Immediate access to 5 pre-bootcamp training videos ($97 value)
  • ​14 daily overcoming thyroid autoimmunity video lessons ($497 value)
  • ​Daily 30-45 minute live group coaching calls ($997 value)
  • ​Recording of every coaching call (posted in a separate member's-only area)
  • ​Daily priority action step
  • ​Access to a private members-only group ($297 value)
  • ​Weekly live 90-minute Q & A sessions to get all of your question answered ($499 value)
  • ​Recordings of the Q & A sessions
  • ​Optional: 45-minute "find my food triggers" coaching call with a certified nutritional health coach ($95 value)

Total Value: $2,482

But you're getting all of this...

For Only $79

(or $129 with the "find my food triggers" coaching call)

What Happens After You Join?

Upon joining the bootcamp you will receive immediate access to the members-only portal, where you will be able to view the pre-bootcamp training videos.  There is also a welcome video that I highly recommend you to watch first.  If you'd like to be added to the private members-only group we'll send you separate information on how to do this, and you will be sent the registration information for the first Q & A session no later than the week of 1/9/2023, along with where to email your questions.  As for the optional 45-minute "find my food triggers" coaching call, these will start the week of 1/16/2023, and you will be contacted within a few days of joining to schedule this.
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